Thursday, March 24, 2011

Jesus, please save me you're my best friend but my worst enemy in this world of fiction and fame I need you to keep calling my name am i the cause of your pain am i the one to always blame im the one to whom you pray but i'll keep calling your name Jesus i'm busy today I've got work to do and bills to pay if you could come back in a year maybe then i'll have time to hear Jesus, my wife's not well Doctors say time is hard to tell if you could please heal her you're love i'll make sure i earn Jesus you took her away I don't believe in you today if you could just leave me alone because of you my love is gone Jesus i'm 90 years old my money is gone and my heart is cold I need you right here with me but I don't think you're still listening Jesus am I too late? I've lived my whole life and never changed but if you could have mercy I woudl love you for the rest of my days My Son, I've been here all along it's taken 90 years and i have never gone here when you want me, here when you don't


you came home late last night
I didn't know where you were
I've got this feeling
you were out with her

is this some game to you?
my heart is in your hands
I thought you were the one
but you're barely a man
who the hell do you think you are?
that you could do this to me
my heart was so in love
but my head tells me
my head tells me to

Leave...I don't love you anymore
move in with that whore
I don't care just
Leave...get out of my sight
get the hell out of my life

what a waste of my time
to spend it on you
any memories i have
I just want to lose

I don't believe you

we drove up hope
to skip the lights
but we'd go right through
when it's late at night
the days you said
you'd never leave
it's late in March
and I don't beleive

I don't beleive you
I'll take your nights
the ones I can get
but I'll leave the rest
for your fucking friends

right time

so this is it you're driving away we've both said what we needed to say the love is dead it's burried away time to move on it's another day even though at times you made me mad even though sometimes i will feel sad it was for the best for you and i maybe i wasnt as happy as i thought in the past weve done each other wrong em it was the ^right time to say goodbye it was the right time to say goodbye time is the only cure distraction will help the hurt confidence in the decision you've made now there is only room for gain

Monday, December 13, 2010

he's the type of guy
who doesnt need time
he doesnt use lines
and he doesnt have to lie

it's the type of love
that is built upon trust
that doesn't fall for lust
and is more than enough

and its more than enough for me
and it makes me feel so lucky
that ive found you
and youve found me

ive felt so lost in the past
knew it woudlnt last
watched it fade fast

now i know that this was meant to be
you're so good to me
no hidden fee
just you and me

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

At the drop of a hat

He's the type of guy
that doesn't need time
falls in love
with one look in her eyes
declaring your love in public
doesnt make it so
perhaps you're more in love
with putting on the show
does it feel the same
when you're alone in the room
are you playing a game
yourself leading as the fool

and when it ends
thing will never be the same
you're heart won't mend
yet you do it all again

Monday, October 11, 2010

show up

Don't leave me alone
I can hear myself think
we had created a plan
but now there's a kink
I feel like a child on the first day of school
in the wrong place I feel like fool
I need reassurance that someone will be there
that someone will show up that someone will care
don't leave me alone